Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery


Tours are currently scheduled to be up and running during the summer of 2022. We haven't got specific dates of availability yet but please check back here over the coming months for available days. 

Brewery Tours

Join us for a 45 minute tour of the Brewery. You'll find out about our brewing process, the ingredients, tools and technology we use as well as our history and our plans for the future.

Afterwards you'll be welcome to sample 3 of our ales in the bar. Tickets cost £10 and include 3 1/3 pint tasters. Children are free as part of a family group, but schools or other groups should call us to arrange a private tour.

Choose your preferred date and time from the calendar below, then follow the instructions to buy your tickets. We look forward to welcoming you at the Brewery soon!

Brewery Equipment

Combining Experience, Technology and Passion for Excellence

We're dedicated to creating the best beers possible. To help us succeed we've developed bespoke technology to help manage our brewing processes. Combine this with our passion for excellence and it's clear we're heading in the right direction!

Richard Wells

Founder and Head Brewer

“I just love beer. Absolutely love it.”

Richard Wells

Richard Wells

Founded with One Aim

Whitby Brewery was founded with one aim - to brew the finest beers around.

It's been an exciting 3 years since we produced our first beers and now we've moved to our larger premises we're ready to take Whitby Brewery to the next stage.

Our commitment to quality, the dedication of our staff and our driving passion means we're always learning, developing and improving our recipes and our processes.

Join us on a tour to find out what's next for Whitby Brewery!